Arts Education

Knowing, Exploring, Selecting and Planning Occupational Choices

Exhibiting Appropriate Work Habits and Behaviors

Seeking, Securing and Maintaining Employment

Exhibiting Sufficient Physical/Manual Skills



Social Skills

Image and Grooming

School Based Mentoring

Group Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Pearls of Women Agenda (POWA)

​Girls Against Domestic Abuse (GADA)



Track and Field








  Mentor Focused Programs 


Foster Academic Excellence

Nurture Ethical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional and Physical Fitness

Inspire Creative Enrichment 

Encourage and Provide Leadership Opportunities

​​The majority of our programs are gender and mentor focused and include a variety of research based, age, and gender appropriate activities. They are incorporated into a comprehensive life skills development curriculum implemented through a workshop and seminar methodology held at schools, after-school, during summer and spring breaks, and at regularly scheduled events including youth expos and camps. Although girls are America's Time Out for Youth's primary focus we also have programs that incorporate boys such as our RAPsnergySM and College Essentials programs. All programs are conducted and taught by motivated, talented and credentialed professionals in fun-filled, nurturing and safe environments. Our mentoring partners include corporate and community leaders, peer leaders and parents; performing, visual and literary artists, athletes, authors, coaches and educators. These caring and concerned stakeholders impart time, talent, wisdom, and monetary gifts to help provide youth with strategies that empower them to know how to think critically and make wise choices in life. Ultimately, they learn to make the most of life's challenges and opportunities. ​

We provide forums to expose and benefit girls and young women to the importance of: 

  • self-worth.
  • healthy lifestyles. 
  • educational excellence.
  • critical Thinking.

Our ​​​​programs are designed to:

  • promote the positive growth and development of the mind, body and spirit.
  • instill a sense of competence, usefulness, and kindness.
  • inspire a sense of belonging, confidence, power and influence.

We stress the importance of academic excellence, physical fitness, sports, health, well-being, and social grace. As well as, creativity in self expression by way of the visual, performing and literary arts and culture. ​We give youth positive experiences, valuable knowledge, and access to information from which to make the right choices in life. Included in our life skills development goals are that our youth possess essential qualities that promote social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal, community and civic responsibility, and respect for self and others.


In our RAPSnergy
SM program adolescent girls and boys convene for intellectual discussions in a safe, uplifting and fun-filled environment along with their male and female mentors to examine a plethora of issues, concerns, interests and aspirations to better understand how to communicate and foster positive interaction and a lasting spirit camaraderie, Respect And Pride among the two genders. 


​​​Girls Against Domestic Abuse™    (GADA) 


Community Outreach

Literacy Arts
Writing and Book Club 
Visual and Performing Arts
Girls Rock the Arts
TM Exhibition


Professional women mentors use their time, talents resources, and wisdom to mentor and empower girls and young women for a lifetime. 

Civic & Community Engagement

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Pearls of Women Agenda

GADA highlights awareness and prevention of domestic violence through education.  Through education girls and young women are taught, whether it be emotionally, sexually, physically, financially or otherwise that it is never ok to be abused.  Through learning about healthy relationships, and having healthy self-esteem,  girls and young women are better able to understand domestic abuse, advocate against such abuses, taught to advocate for themselves,  recognize the signs of abuse, and to never let abuse silence them. And, most important, when and where to seek help.

Life Skills Development

Financial Literacy
Character Development
Cultural Awareness
Social Etiquette
Rites of Passage                                        Responsible Citzenship
Occupational Guidance & Preparation
Resume Writing 

Career Guidance
Image Consulting                               Entrepreneurship

Occupational Guidance & Preparation


                                           Health, Wellness & Nutrition​\​

In the overall scheme of well-being of growth and development, knowledge is imparted on the importance of wise choices as it relates to wellness, nutrition, physical fitness and healthy eating. 

ARC Scholarship Award

College Essentials 

Internships: Obtaining Specific Job &

   Work Experiences


Homework Assistance
Tutoring  (In & After School Program)
Special Project Assistance
             The STEM Initiative (TSI)                          College Scholarships Program Scholarships



Educational and strategy based board games are
designed to enhance critical thinking skills​.