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Seminars and workshops feature current and former professional and amateur athletes who address matters on the importance of girls and women in sports. Topics addressed may include matters of "Self Esteem and Excellence in Athletics and Education, Title IX and Gender Equity, Careers in Sports and the Lifetime Benefit of Sports." The girls and women will share how sports have helped them meet challenges, overcome obstacles and become successful.  The presenters are coaches, executives, professional and amateur athletes who serve as role models for the audience of female youth from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

​​"Girls who are presented the opportunity to participate regularly in sports are more health conscious and have physical, mental, social and emotional advantages over many of their non-participating peers. "

Using the sport of track and field, we help girls develop life long habits of health and physical education. We use physical activity to inspire and motivate girls throughout the program and encourage camaraderie, lifelong health and fitness. Most importantly, girls participation in track and field activities helps with character development in many ways. Track and field participation raises self-esteem, increases personal responsibility, builds confidence through accomplishment, promotes physical fitness and stresses life-long recreational involvement. 

At the end of each season the girls and their running buddies complete a running event which gives them a tangible sense of achievement and a foundation for setting and achieving life goals. This culminating celebratory event is a transformative moment when the girls realize that perseverance and dedication has paid off. 

 Running BuddiesSM

Awareness is raised about the sport of football and will not only teach girls about the game of football but build self esteem at the same time. Girls are educated on the fundamentals of the game in a workshop/ seminar setting. Girls are provided with understanding and greater appreciation for the game, increase self-confidence by having an understanding of this game. Mothers are encouraged to participate in the NFL 101 for Girls only workshops with their daughters. Coaches, current and former NFL, college and or high school coaches and players will conduct and participate in the workshops and seminars. 

All of the student athletes are awarded with a social celebration (sport jamboree) after their participation in the programs.  Medals and award certificates of accomplishments are presented to each athlete at the jamboree for their achievements.

Basketball camp and clinic experiences are hosted for underserved girls 6-18 years of age.  Campers will develop all of their basketball skills - shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding and defense.  These improved fundamentals make the girls better players and basketball more fun! The camp's staff consist of professionally trained college coaches, high school coaches, college players, amateur and professional female basketball players who are enthusiastic and committed to the game and well-being of the junior athletes. Parents and mentors participation is encouraged.  

The inclusion of parents' support give their athletic daughters head starts on having successful and joyful sport experiences.  It also could introduce parents to a skill, particularly mothers, which they may have never learned. A bond and excitement may be generated by participating and supporting sport activities with their daughters. 

Recognizing that golf can be a lifetime sport and can positively influence children's lives, we developed our golf program for the purpose of attracting girls to this non-traditional sport. Our golf program for girls teaches them golf's fundamentals and long term benefits at an early age. Juniors are introduced to the game of golf and offered a unique opportunity to become better players by providing access to and instruction by professionals, and membership in the USGA (United States Golf Association).  

During the camps and clinics, girls acquire a better understanding and greater appreciation for the game of golf, improve in every facet of the game, increase self-confidence and growth as individuals, and gain a host of new friends from different backgrounds, cultures and communities. They also learn such values as honesty, fairness, responsibility, and sportsmanship. 

Mentees bond with professional women mentors and are exposed to positive interaction and experiences on the golf course while learning the dynamics of golf.  High school and college bound girls are taught that golf is an effective networking, career and social enhancing tool in corporate America.  Student athletes are encouraged to apply for academic and sport scholarships, as well as; they are encouraged to participate on their high school and college golf teams.

PAR (Golf)

JAM (Sport Achievement Celebration)

SLAM (Basketball)

FootBall 101(For Girls Only)


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