Games Women PlaySM Sports Leadership Camp


At America's Time Out for Youth, we inspire girls to feel good about themselves and their bodies, particularly during the adolescent development stages. Statistics show that girls who are presented the opportunity to participate regularly in sports do better in school, excel in teamwork, goal-setting skills, and are equipped with the ability to make sound judgments. They have healthy self-esteem and feel better about themselves both physically and socially. Moreover, promoting high self-esteem is central in maintaining good health in girls and young women. Other esteem-boosting benefits of sports participation include getting in shape, maintaining a healthy weight, and making new friends. Girl athletes have physical, mental, social and emotional advantages over many of their non-sport participating peers. It is for that reason we include sport camps, and special motivational seminars and workshops given by academic and athletic professionals as a method of continued growth and development for your girls. These opportunities further strengthens their self-confidence, discipline, conflict resolution and leadership skills. 

The program's health/nutritional component stresses the importance of good eating habits and imparts nutritional knowledge that improves overall health and fitness. This means girls are taught essential to their well-being such as to avoid harmful substances like drugs, alcohol and tobacco. And, that healthy living can actually help to manage stress, getting proper sleep and exercise, eat and prepare regular nutritious meals, and limit caffeine and sugar.

The participation of mentors, parents and caregivers is very important and encouraged. The inclusion of parents, particularly mothers, shows them how to give their daughters a head start on having successful sport experiences.  It also introduces parents, particularly mothers, to a skill they may have never learned and makes them more confident and excited about participating in and attending sport activities with their daughters. It also helps to create sports, health and fitness centered bonding experiences. 

A bonus to the Games Women Play Sport Leadership program is that are taught the connection between business and sports through sport marketing and management workshops, seminars and given opportunities for internships. ​

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