Girls Rock the Arts  

Wise Girls

Read. Write. Lead. Succeed 

Wise Girls Read. Write. Lead & Succeed Club participants share issues through reflection which influences their social, cultural, and academic lives and develop their voices by integrating them into the writing and reading clubs. Through group mentoring and monthly creative reading and writing workshops girls are encouraged to explore their creative talents both written and oral. These mentoring sessions help girls with written expression in the areas of poetry, fiction, drama, playwriting, screen plays, persuasive writing, journaling and more. They are also taught to self publish and design book covers, how to market and sell their books, writings and the relationship between literary arts, business and entrepreneurship.

The program's economic component and entrepreneurial workshops teach youth the business aspect of taking their artistic creations from concept to completion, which include learning the disciplines of creating, marketing, merchandising, pricing, and selling their works for a profit in the marketplace.

Their work of art is showcased and sold at the Girls Are a Work of ArtSM gallery showings. Working in a classroom or a studio as an artist gives young people the opportunity to learn future workplace behavior. 

Activities include on and off-site mentoring sessions at artists studios, galleries, and field trips to museums for the purpose of building avenues of learning, discovery, and sharing with artisans. As well as, girls are given the opportunity to develop skills through a myriad of hands on activities and create one of a kind art creations like crafts, ceramics, painting, jewelry, quilting, book and journal making and so much more. 

The opportunity to receive constructive critiques and participate in creative discussions with talented artisans is a valuable experience to our young artists.

The Girls Rock the ArtsSM program includes, but is not limited to arts education, performing, visual and literary arts. It inspires the creative process and stimulates self-expression. 

To inspire the creative process and stimulate self-expression and confidence, the Girls Rock the ArtsSM  for Life Enrichment program is designed to instill cultural richness and awaken a broad spectrum of girls to the arts, literary, visual, and performing. 

The program is a multi-discipline art collaborative with mentoring artisans         who take time out to develop the               creative talents of youth, and promote positive relationships among youth from   diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

         Arts  & Culture

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