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Dannette LaCour

 Executive VP & Treasurer


Gloria D. Daniels

Founder and President

Through research based programming and long-lasting gender specific relationships in safe environments, we empower and encourage youth, particularly girls ages 6-18. We focus on the positive development of their minds, bodies, and spirits. Our razor sharp focus on girls is significantly important because every day girls are bombarded with negative images that vie for their attention and self-esteem whether through mainstream media, social media networks or general under currents of society. ​In too many instances they are also not being challenged or encouraged to dream big and step outside of the conformities of what they see on television. Now, more than ever, girls and particularly black girls, need to know and believe that they are valuable and that their lives matter. While we can't solve all the challenges girls and young women face, we are excited about being instrumental in offering opportunities and experiences that assist in changing the paradigm. We are excited about inspiring them to believe in themselves and embracing the belief that they can indeed make a positive difference in our world. 

Tonya Fight

Executive VP & Secretary

Gloria D. Daniels, Founder and President is a champion for youth, particularly girls. She vigorously pursues her passion for girls' well-being and believes they should have reasons everyday to feel joyful. America's Time Out for Youth gives her the opportunity to advance the rights of girls and young women by using her incredible insight, passion and more than thirty years of leadership as a successful senior executive in Corporate America, the nonprofit sector, entrepreneur and advocate for the rights of girls and women. 

Founding & Executive Board of Directors