America's Time Out for Youth

Tutoring Homework . Special Project Assistance

Women are underserved in STEM fields, particularly women of color. To increase the presence of girls and women in STEM fields we must eliminate the stereotype that girls are incapable, unqualified and or disinterested in STEM. The STEM Initiative (TSI) fosters inclusivity by increasing the interest and accessibility of STEM programs for students from lower income families as well as include students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to close the achievement gap in the STEM fields for girls.  

Research shows that girls are less likely to take advance classes in math and the sciences or study science, technology, engineering, and math fields in college. America's Time Our for Youth's program, The STEM Initiative (TSI) develops and inspires girls to become enthusiastic about gaining STEM skills. Through hands on activities and interaction with professional women that have careers in the STEM fields; girls are given the opportunity, in gender specific environments, meet STEM professionals, to ask questions, and explore options to help them decide if they should pursue careers in the areas of STEM. 
We sponsor in-school and after school sessions to foster proactive and successful relationships for girls interested in STEM. 

The STEM Initiative

Science . Technology . Engineering . Math

We encourage excellence and foster the belief that learning is a life-time activity.  Our overall goal is to boost reading scores, lessen truancy, improve interest in reading, promote literacy opportunities and enhance reading and writing skills.  Our hope is to turn challenging academic situations into enjoyable learning experiences.

Youth in the program are given tutoring and homework assistance and help them to completely understand their homework, help with assignments, and other special projects in a safe after school environment.  They are encouraged to become more meticulous and disciplined in improving their study habits and to excel.  The necessity and importance of academic achievement through good study habits are continuously emphasized to them. Moreover, they are encouraged to stay in school, pursue a higher education, and to become productive citizens.

     Knowledge Is Infinite