RAPSnergy is a peer roundtable for junior high and high school boys and girls (11-13 and 14-18 years of age, and undergraduate college students. RAPSnergy is held once a month for the purpose of promoting respect and pride, positive life skills, and synergy, between the two genders.  The adolescents, along with their male and female mentors, engage in positive communication as they discuss age appropriate topics, issues, concerns, and aspirations of collective interests.

The mentors are drawn from the young male and female's particular communities, friends, relatives, neighbors, church and social groups as well as from the wider world of men women, and reflect rootness in realities of both the girls and boys own lives. Both genders collaborate to prepare agendas, themes, topics and questions they would like to address with the goal of promoting respect and pride.


America's Time Out for Youth

Respect And Pride