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Upload your Biographical Sketch and any other information you would like for us to consider in deciding membership.   You may also email us at info@americastimeoutforyouth.org. No phone calls, please. We will mail an official application and further details. 

Women have an opportunity to be a valuable advisor of our awe-inspiring annual conference and awards gala, Games Women Play:Women at the Top of the Game Honors.  ​

PowaBase 360 Membership Application Request

POWABASE 360 is a unique professional and social peer-to-peer network. Your membership serves as an example of your philanthropic commitment to improve the lives of girls and young women and aligns you with a significant cause. Through your contributions of membership, philanthropic involvement, skills and influence; girls and young women have the opportunity to be awarded college and program scholarships, and are poised to become architects of the future.

POWABASE 360 is an acronym for Pearls of Women Agenda Business and Social Empowerment. It is an invitation only membership of some of the nation's successful women entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and philanthropists. The mission of POWABASE 360 is to foster, celebrate and advance women's professional and social leadership by sharing talents, influences, resources, skills and intellectual capital while also giving back to girls. POWABASE 360 offers leaders access to a unique and unparalleled professional and social network of their peers. The POWABASE 360 inspires lasting change for our future generation of girls and young women leaders. In an atmosphere of camaraderie empowered women intertwine business, social networking and philanthropy; by virtue of who they are, positive impacts are made on the lives of girls and young women. 


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