America's Time Out for Youth


"The ability to complete in today’s fast-paced world involves

the knowledge of social grace and protocol."

Good manners are the foundation of proper etiquette and shows respect for others and self, consistency and trustworthiness.  Further, good manners gives young people of all ages an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills - now and for the rest of their lives. Our social etiquette program helps young people build confidence, self-esteem and assist with future growth. Often times there are special situations where they might feel uncomfortable or self-conscious because they do not know what to say, how to say it or do not know what to do such as . . . “which fork to use.” 

America’s Time Out for Youth’s Social Etiquette program is a program that assist girls in developing a personal style and grace and teach them the skills that will help make them more confident and self assured and ready to compete successfully in today’s world. Knowing how to handle themselves in difficult situations and being well versed on social etiquette will become one of their most valued assets. 

Social Etiquette | Mind Our Manners