America's Time Out for Youth   

Dannette B. LaCour, Executive Vice President & Treasurer

Catrina Bruce, Executive Vice President Emeritis

Gloria D Daniels, President & CEO

Tonya Fight, Executive Vice President & Secretary

Gloria D. Daniels is a champion for girls. America's Time Out for Youth gives her the opportunity to lead an organization which combines her lifelong passions, which is advancing the rights of girls and young women and providing support for the underserved. Gloria works both hard and smart at getting right to the heart of what matters to her most. . . the lives of those she serves. Her plans when founding the organization was to not so quietly use her position as a leader to be an outspoken member of the community on issues that negatively impact youth, particularly girls and women who are often marginalized. She pursues her passion for girls' well-being around inclusivity, community, civic and social engagement. She believes youth should have reasons everyday to make them feel joyful and grateful. 

Gloria brings to America's Time Out for Youth incredible insight and strength with more than thirty years of experience in both corporate America, the non-profit sector and as a serial entrepreneur. During her career she successfully provided integrated marketing communications consultation, branding strategies, fundraising and special events productions for the African American, Hispanic, General and International markets; including individuals, corporations and nonprofits. She's enjoyed successfully interacting and working with "A Listers" -- renowned celebrities, athletes, senior level corporate executives, top level government officials and Heads of State. She honed her management, creative and leadership skills as a director of marketing for a division of Johnson Products Company in Chicago and as marketing director for a world renowned educator. Ultimately, her corporate career lead her to became a Global Vice President of Corporate, Community and Philanthropic Affairs of a world-wide corporation in the beauty industry where she rapidly became a valued member of the core team and traveled to and collaborated with partners throughout Europe, the United States, Caribbean Islands, Africa and Canada. In this role she was an influencer of the corporation's philanthropic endeavors.  

Gloria stepped out on faith to become an entrepreneur in 1993. She established her own marketing communications and public relations agency, maintained a 100% repeat and referral business track record, and added an entertainment management division to manage and guide the careers of those in the entertainment industry. Gloria knows that in all she does what matters most is the value of trust, integrity and doing what you says she will do . . . when she says she will do it. She applies these same principles in her quest to empower the lives of youth. She expects no less from the team of professions she partners with to help equip the organization with enriching the lives of America's youth and empowering them for a lifetime.

Mission &Vision

America's Time Out for Youth was founded by a dedicated Board of Directors with the mission to equip youth, particularly girls, ages 6 to 18 with life development skills. The mission is to foster academic excellence, ethical, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative enrichment through the arts & culture, leadership development, and the benefits derived from playing sports. The organization's vision is to give youth positive experiences, valuable knowledge and access to information from which to make the right choices in life. And, that all youth shall possess essential qualities that promote social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal and civic responsibility, respect for self and others now and in the future to become empowered for a lifetime.​