America's Time Out for Youth

.   The Games Women PlaySM Sport Awards

​       Awards Gala that honors women and girls in sports

.   Women With Drive Girls 2 A Tee Golf Classic

         Celebrity golf invitational for women and girls 

.   Women at the Top of the GameSM Honors 

          Stellar awards gala and conference that pays tribute to women of color at the top of their game

.   Rock the Arts: Girls Are A Work of Art Exhibitions

         Arts exhibition of the creative work of girls

.   PARSLAMJAM Sport Event

​         A basketball and golf classic for girls with a jamboree at its conclusion

.   HATS | SASS & PEARLS High Tea

        A High Tea Brunch for women and girls bringing attention to startling and silent statistics of domestic violence for prevention through education

.  ARC Scholarship Luncheon

       A luncheon celebration to award scholarships to deserving students

.  College Essential Trunk Party & Scholarship Luncheon

Fundraising Events . Details Coming Soon